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Hi, I’m James…great to meet you!

My Story

I’m on a mission to eradicate the disempowerment that stress, anxiety and depression causes because I believe that no one should be trapped by their own negative feelings, fears or emotions.

I’m particularly passionate about getting the best out of people  who want to make some positive changes and feel that NOW is the time to do so whether it’s Stress, Anxiety, Depression any personal challenges, relationships, etc. 

I’d spent 18 years working in education and as a professional musician before deciding it was time to combine my teaching and creative skills with my passion for Personal Development. 

And…I myself have had long, hard struggles with my Mental Health, physical illnesses and lots of other life challenges along the way. 

I tried everything… 

Looking back… A simple misunderstanding of how the mind really works was all it was and a nudge in the right direction was all it took to help me overcome it. 

Now I help others do the same.

As a Personal Development Coach, I love helping create long-lasting changes to make a meaningful difference to the lives of my clients.
But…I am not some guru, a shouty drill instructor or an expert… 

In fact, YOU are the expert on all things related to YOU.

It’s my job to help you see that and to guide you on the path to being your true self.

I live in Southampton, UK with my wife Jen and our cat (and resident princess) Maya.
I’m also a guitarist, Muay Thai and MMA enthusiast and I make a cracking cup of tea!


My Visions & Beliefs

The thought of anyone suffering alone and struggling needlessly fills me with sadness...

I believe everyone can grow and transform. There is no such thing as being broken. No-one needs fixing.

Are you lonely and lost like I was?

I’m on a mission to empower you to take action towards living the life YOU want because I believe NO-ONE is a lost-cause.

I'll help you THRIVE and realise your dreams...

I believe that no-one should be a victim of their own crippling self-doubt or a prisoner in their own minds.


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!